r367920 vmaffione Nov. 21, 2020, 6:20 p.m.
Update the man page to describe how it is necessary to
enable promiscuous mode and/or disable offloads.
r367919 kib Nov. 21, 2020, 10:58 a.m.
Missed part of r367918.

Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:	1 week
r367918 kib Nov. 21, 2020, 10:32 a.m.
There is no point in dynamic registration, umtx hook is there always.

Reviewed by:	mjg
Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:	1 week
Differential revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D27303
r367917 np Nov. 21, 2020, 3:27 a.m.
The netmap application using the driver is responsible for replenishing
the receive freelists and they may be totally depleted when the
application exits.  Packets in flight, if any, might block the pipeline
in case there aren't enough buffers left in the freelist.  Avoid this by
filling up the freelists with a driver allocated buffer.

MFC after:	1 week
Sponsored by:	Chelsio Communications
r367916 mav Nov. 21, 2020, 12:53 a.m.
MFC after:	3 days
r367915 mav Nov. 21, 2020, 12:51 a.m.
MFC after:	3 days
r367913 rmacklem Nov. 20, 2020, 10:29 p.m.
Recent commits to head have added support for NFS over TLS
to the FreeBSD kernel.
To enable use of this for an NFS mount, the "tls" mount_nfs
option has been added.

Once the IETF has assigned an RFC number, I will replace "NNNN"
with the number.

This is a content change.

Reviewed by:	gbe
Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D26262
r367912 rmacklem Nov. 20, 2020, 10:14 p.m.
NFS over TLS uses three new export options, added by r364979.
This patch updates the exports.5 man page for these new options.
Once assigned by IETF, "NNNN" will be replaced with the RFC number.

This is a content change.

Reviewed by:	gbe
Differential Revision:	https://review.freebsd.org/D26241
r367911 mckusick Nov. 20, 2020, 8:22 p.m.
No MFC as this code is not present in 12-stable.

Reported by:  Peter Holm
Reviewed by:  Mateusz Guzik
Tested by:    Peter Holm
Sponsored by: Netflix
r367910 bdrewery Nov. 20, 2020, 8:11 p.m.
Reviewed by:	arichardson
Sponsored by:	Dell EMC
Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D27200
r367909 mav Nov. 20, 2020, 7:36 p.m.
Qlogic chips store S/G lists in the same queue as requests themselves.  In
the worst case 1MB I/O may require up to 52 IOCBs, that means queue of 1024
IOCBs can store only 19 of such requests.  The increase reduces chances of
overflow, while we should be able to afford additional 512KB of RAM per HBA.
The Linux driver uses comparable numbers.

While there, decouple ATIO queue size from response queue size.  There is
no reason for them to be equal.
r367908 alfredo Nov. 20, 2020, 6:52 p.m.
Print 'type' field in hex to improve readability

Reviewed by:	jhibbits
Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D27294
r367907 alfredo Nov. 20, 2020, 6:42 p.m.
Default KERNCONF for powerpc64le should be GENERIC64, and powerpcspe should
select MPC85XXSPE

Reviewed by:	bdragon,emaste
Sponsored by:	Eldorado Research Institute (eldorado.org.br)
Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D27257
r367906 mav Nov. 20, 2020, 6:02 p.m.
- Make isp_start() to set all the IOCB fields aside of S/G list, removing
extra information from isp_send_cmd(), now only doing S/G lists and sending.
 - Turn DMA setup/free from being card and PCI-specific into OS-specific,
instead add new card-specific method for isp_send_cmd().  Previously this
function was a monster handling all the cards.
 - Remove double error code translation.
r367905 jtl Nov. 20, 2020, 5:26 p.m.
encode 0-length (i.e. "") structure and union member names as offset 0.
This ensures that we don't confuse other parts of the CTF code which
expect this encoding.

This resolves a Dtrace error resolving members of anonymous structs/unions
within the (struct mbuf) type which some users were seeing after r366908.

While here, update the code in ctf_add_generic() to encode 0-length type
names as offset 0.

Reviewed by:	markj
MFC after:	2 weeks
Sponsored by:	Netflix
Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D27246