r351089 imp Aug. 15, 2019, 5:21 p.m.
mkheaders.c hasn't made headers in ~15 years. Belatedly update the comments to
reflect that all it does these days is warn about 'device foo' lines in the
config where we don't know what a 'foo' is.

Remove extra includes too. These also haven't been needed for 15 years and
weren't removed at the time the comment wasn't updated...
r351088 kevans Aug. 15, 2019, 5:15 p.m.
It did not go well; further examination is required...
r351087 imp Aug. 15, 2019, 5:06 p.m.
Alphebetize the options and cases without regard for case.
r351086 jmg Aug. 15, 2019, 4:58 p.m.
r351085 kevans Aug. 15, 2019, 4:28 p.m.
r351084 mav Aug. 15, 2019, 4:27 p.m.
There is no reason why NTB should not be usable on i386 if memory windows
are small enough.
r351083 mav Aug. 15, 2019, 4:22 p.m.
MFC after:	13 days
r351082 asomers Aug. 15, 2019, 4:09 p.m.
GCC isn't smart enough to realize that this variable was always initialized.

Submitted by:	Ján Sučan <sucanjan@gmail.com>
MFC after:	2 weeks
Sponsored by:	Google, inc. (Google Summer of Code 2019)
Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D21271
r351081 jkim Aug. 15, 2019, 4:04 p.m.
This lets us detect lock order reversal in ACPICA code to avoid deadlock.
r351080 asomers Aug. 15, 2019, 3:55 p.m.
GCC 4.2 isn't smart enough to know that this variable is already defined by
the time it's used.

Submitted by:	Ján Sučan <sucanjan@gmail.com>
MFC after:	2 weeks
Sponsored by:	Google, inc. (Google Summer of Code 2019)
Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D21269
r351079 asomers Aug. 15, 2019, 3:49 p.m.
Submitted by:	Ján Sučan <sucanjan@gmail.com>
MFC after:	2 weeks
Sponsored by:	Google, inc. (Google Summer of Code 2019)
Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D21270
r351078 kevans Aug. 15, 2019, 3:47 p.m.
Use quad.h from libc instead for the time being. This reduces the number of
nearly-identical-quad.h we have in tree to two with only minor changes.

Prototypes for some *sh*di3 have been added to match the copy in libkern.
The differences between the two are likely few enough that they can perhaps
be merged with little additional effort to bring us down to 1.

MFC after:	3 days
r351077 avg Aug. 15, 2019, 3:27 p.m.
Trying to sort it out.
r351076 avg Aug. 15, 2019, 3:11 p.m.

  The large dnode changes from 8423 caused problems in zfs recv for a legacy
  stream. This manifests when attempting to mount the received stream, but the
  problem is in the receive code. We missed the following commit from ZoL which
  fixes this.
  commit da2feb42fb5c7a8c1e1cc67f7a880da9d8e97bc2
  Author: Tom Caputi <tcaputi@datto.com>
  Date: Thu Jun 28 17:55:11 2018 -0400
  Fix 'zfs recv' of non large_dnode send streams
  Currently, there is a bug where older send streams without the
      DMU_BACKUP_FEATURE_LARGE_DNODE flag are not handled correctly.
      The code in receive_object() fails to handle cases where
      drro->drr_dn_slots is set to 0, which is always the case when the
      sending code does not support this feature flag. This patch fixes
      the issue by ensuring that that a value of 0 is treated as

Author: Tom Caputi <tcaputi@datto.com>

MFC after:	3 weeks
X-MFC after:	r351074
r351074 avg Aug. 15, 2019, 2:57 p.m.
8423 8199 7432 Implement large_dnode pool feature

8423 Implement large_dnode pool feature
8199 multi-threaded dmu_object_alloc()
7432 Large dnode pool feature


  ZoL issues:
  Improved dnode allocation #6564
  Clean up large dnode code #6262
  Fix dnode_hold() freeing dnode behavior #8172
  Fix dnode allocation race #6414, #6439
  Partial: Raw sends must be able to decrease nlevels #6821, #6864
  Remove unnecessary txg syncs from receive_object() Closes #7197

This updates FreeBSD large_dnode code (that was imported from ZoL) to a version
that was committed to illumos.  It has some cleanups, improvements and fixes
comparing to what we have in FreeBSD now.  I think that the most significant
update is 8199 multi-threaded dmu_object_alloc().

Obtained from:	illumos
MFC after:	3 weeks